Need Electricity in the Middle of Nowhere?

Energy Solutions manufacturers portable hybrid (solar & fossil fuel)
electricity generating systems as an alternative to generator only solutions.

Why Energy Solutions?


Our solar tracking system is the first and only light weight, dual axis solar tracking system on the market.  It increases energy production by 40% over stationary systems and it produces power over a longer period of time than stationary systems. 


Our components are designed to be easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy to move.  Our systems are perfect for applications needing power for just a few days or months at a time.


The components of our hybrid power systems are designed to be used as building blocks.  Building blocks allow us the flexibility to accomodate small and large power applications.  They also allow for systems to grow or shrink as the need arises.


Our systems are designed for use in rugged terrain and are built using high quality parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What components make up a hybrid power system?

Our Apollo Hybrid Power systems consist of Apollo MMX dual axis solar trackers, light weight photovoltaic panels, lithium energy storage and power conversion units.

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How do I know how many of each of your components I will need for my application?

Great Question! If your application has minimal requirments, we can recommend a list of components to fit your needs with a short phone interview. For applications with stringent requirements, an engineer will model your application and perform a simulation to determine the quantity of each component needed to meet your needs.

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What are the sizes of your hybrid power systems?

Our systems are capable of supplying reliable continuous power for application requiring 500 watts to systems requiring 40,000 watts and anything in between. We can also meet various voltage, freqency and phasing needs.

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What if I want your technology embedded in a different means of transport?

Energy Solutions is currently working on several transport methods for our technology.  Please check out our futures page to get an idea of where we are headed.  If  none of these options works for what you have in mind we are always willing to take on unique projects.

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Our Mission is to develop state of the art renewable energy generation and energy conservation products for commercial and residential markets; and with the success of these products to extend their use to impoverished regions of the globe.

Energy Solutions, LLC. in keeping with our mission statement, "to expand the use of our products to impoverished regions of the globe" will work with missionaries in these impoverished regions. Our goal is to provide renewable energy to these ares for potable water wells, medical refrigeration, and other life saving necessities. Please check back frequently in order to get information regarding future projects. We will be looking for volunteers to assist with these projects as well as donations to aid in their completion.

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