The Building Blocks ...

There are 5 basic components that together comprise an Apollo Hybrid Power System; the Apollo MMX (dual axis solar trakcer), the Apollo Energy Storage, FlexPV panels, the Apollo Power Converter, and the Apollo Supplementary Generator.  The number of each of these components that are needed to provide continuous reliable power for a given application are affected by things like ... location on earth, season of the year, load profile, and day / night use.  A hybrid power system based on the flexibility of component building blocks allows each system to be tailored to fit the application.  In the end, this method reduces underutilization of equipment which saves time and money.  Also, our components are plug and play so the system and be changed over time to fit the needs of the application.


Apollo MMX - dual axis solar tracker

The Apollo MMX is the only portable dual axis solar tracking system on the market.  A unique mechanical design allows it to follow the sun all day by tilting North / Sourh and East / West.  The tilting motion is driven by two small linear actuators.  These actuators are IP66 rated for outdoor use.  The actuators are controlled by an onboard controller.  The controller has an integrated gps and compass providing it the information that it needs to automatically track the sun from any location on earth.

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Our Flex PV line of PV panels is named after the disposition of the PV panel. Simply put, it is flexible. Unlike traditional mono crystaline and poly crystaline PV panels encased in heavy, rigid glass and aluminum, Flex PV panels are manufactured using a state of the art high quality plastic encapuslation process. The process starts with a Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar (TPT) backing. TPT is UV and weather resistant. It provides electrical insulation, strenght and durability to the under side of the Flex PV panel. Next, high efficiency mono crystaline PV cells are embedded between layers of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). EVA is a thermoplastic that is used for its softness and flexibility. It has good clarity and gloss. It provides a moisture barrier for the PV cells, has low-temperature toughness, stress cracking resistant, UV resistant and waterproof. The top layer of Flex PV is made from Polyvinylidene flouride (PVDF). PVDF is a high purity thermoplastic which is strong and resistant to solvents, acids, bases. Flex PV modules are available in a variety of power ratings from 18 watts to 135 watts. The Apollo MMX dual axis tracker can accomodate eight 135 watt modules for 1080 watts of DC power output. Each 135w Flex PV module weights a mere 4.4 lbs and measures 56.53" x 21.25" x 0.118". Flex PV modules attach to the Apollo MMX using industrial Velcro strips. This method of attachment allows for fast and simple installation; easy removal for portable applications; and storage during destructable weather events.

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Apollo Energy Storage

In off-grid applications, energy storage is needed to collect the excess energy generated by the PV panels during daylight hours. The Apollo Energy Storage units are a line of portable battery cases designed to meet the needs of small and large applications. Our energy storage products use LiFEPO4 technology. This technology is acid-free and high in energy density. All of our systems are packaged in portable weatherproof cases with durable quick electrical connections. Each case is provided with an electrical disconnect and circuit breaker. Energy storage systems can be interconnected for high energy applications with our uniquely simple cable system.

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Apollo Power Converter

Capturing and storing the suns energy are only part of the Apollo Hybrid System (AHS). The Apollo Power Conversion (APC) units contain the equipment needed to charge the Apollo Energy Storage (AES) using either PV power or supplementary generator power. The APC also contains the equipment which converts DC power into usable AC power. A simple to use interface provides instantaneous status of all the energy entering and leaving the APC. It is equipped with an ethernet port and an onboard Web Server for remote monitoring as well. To keep the electronic components cool while they provide 10000 watts of power, the APC is equipped with cooling fans and louvers. In the absence of sunlight or when AC demand is high, the APC can start a supplementary generator to assist in maintaining a sufficient supply of AC power and assist in recharging the batteries. When the batteries are sufficiently charged, the APC will stop the supplementary generator. Cam-locking twist connectors are provided for rugged dependable connections to the APC. These connections are color coded for DC polarity and gender coded to distinguish PV ports from AES ports.

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Supplementary Generator

Are supplementary generators really necessary for a hybrid system to work? The answer is No. Off-grid portable renewable energy systems like the ones that we build, do not require external generators. So, why do we offer them? Supplemenary generators provide a level of redundancy to a hybrid power system because it is a second source of energy. In a hybrid system, the renewable energy is instantly used by the electrical load or stored in batteries for later. During times of heavy electrical demand or extended periods of low sunlight, the stored battery energy may become depleted. A supplementary generator can be automatically started by the system during these periods supplying continuous, uninterruped power. Typically the generator will run until the batteries are substantially recharged. At this point, the system will turn off the supplementary generator. This process ensures that when the generator is called upon, it runs at peak efficiency. Energy Solutions modifies commercially available AC and DC generator packages. We incorporate the necessary controls to allow them to function with the Apollo Hybrid System. These generators are selected from the Subaru industrial lineup for durability and reliability. Both diesel and gasoline models are available. The generator models currently available are Subaru: RGV13100T, RGV12100, RGX4800E, RGX6500E, RGX7500E, RGD3300H and RGD500H. Our engineers can assist in choosing the right supplementary generator.

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High quality energy generation and storage equipment require high quality connectors and cables. Our power cables provide the level of durability required of portable power systems. Each power cable is rated for 100A DC with industrial cam lock connectors. The connectors are mechanically desinged to ensure proper connection. Power polarities are color coded for easy identification.

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